Bubble Frog Version 4 is LIVE!

That's right kids! Bubble Frog Version 4 has dropped!

This version is feature complete and level complete. Any future updates will be polish, QoL, and bug fixes. What we have here is a full game!

So what's new in Bubble Frog v.4?

  • 15 New Levels in "The Green Zone"
  • 1 New Mechanic (used in multiple unique ways)
  • 40 New Onigiri to Collect
  • An actual Ending to the game!
  • An update to the Zone Select screen to jump right to Green Zone
  • Some button input changes so everything feels more consistent
  • New music
  • Level Cards before each level to show what level you're on and how many Onigiri are in that level
  • 4 Possible Ending Images (don't get too excited, think Luigi's Mansion more than Nier)

And what does that mean for the total package?

  • 50 Levels!
  • 160 Onirigi!
  • Multiple Mechanics!
  • 4 Zones!
  • 9 NPCs!
  • 2 Secret Levels!
  • A Frog...IN A BUBBLE!

Thanks to everyone who's supported the game via word of mouth, purchasing the game, giving me feedback, expressing their enjoyment of the game, show it off on their Gameboys or Emulation Hardware, and so many more ways. It's rare I'm this excited to work on a project and I honestly think it's because of all of you :)

If you enjoy the game (or don't!) please leave a comment on it's page and a rating as engagement really helps get more eyes on it and it's free :)

Thanks again everyone <3


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